I am sarah

Art or way of life? With my unique tattoos you get both. Framed in fine lines, I express my creative ideas on your skin.

My world is made of ink.

Hi! May I introduce? I am Sarah. Artist.

My home is Berlin, my professional home is art. On my tattoo journey, I keep creating new images, interpretations and designs. I have a whole inkwell full of ideas and love to realize my own motifs.

But: I am of course open to your wishes and like to be inspired by you!


Magic under your skin.

You take off your clothes in the evening, but not your tattoo. Because it’s a part of you. And that’s why it should suit you exactly.

As you can see, I really like drawing hands in linework and try to capture movements. But there is always room for something new – for you and for me!

You are interested in a tattoo? Contact me at tattoo@artpunkt.xyz!


Did I say my world is made of ink? Then I have left out one important detail for you: My artistic heart also beats for design and art. 

If you are interested in fine art prints, postcards or originals, you have come to the right place.


I don’t only draw on skin, but also on paper: I worked on the book „Strand, Der Verse Lauf“ (Strand, Der Verse Lauf) together with HAYMON Verlag and the author Ferdinand Schmatz.

I was allowed to design the cover and draw several illustrations for the inside pages. It was incredibly fun and I’m absolutely interested in further collaborations!


Don’t wait for the ink to dry. Contact me!

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